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"With the Highway905 movie, I am thrilled to bring my vision to life as a director in the suspense thriller genre. This film is a gripping and intense journey that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish. The story revolves around a group of individuals who find themselves in a race against time, trying to unravel a sinister mystery that threatens to change their lives forever. I have always been drawn to the power of suspense and how it can both thrill and challenge us as viewers. With Highway905 movie, I aim to bring a fresh perspective to the genre, exploring themes of humanity, justice, and the consequences of our choices. This film represents the culmination of years of hard work, and I am incredibly proud to share it with audiences. I believe that Highway905 movie will be an unforgettable and thrilling ride, and I can’t wait for audiences to experience it for themselves."

Behind the scenes: Riya Sen, Pawan Kumar (PK), Raz & the Crew

Riya Sen, Pawan Kumar (PK), Raz & the Crew


Patrick Miranda and his team attempt to unravel the mystery of the murders committed on HIGHWAY905.

Raaz as David, Kiran as Kelly

Raaz as David, Kiran as Kelly


David Garcia, a man with a wealthy and lavish lifestyle, has been murdered at his house on HIGHWAY905. Detective Patrick Miranda arrests UBER driver Sam Kumar as a suspect in David Garcia's murder. During the first investigation, Sam defends himself by saying that he doesn't know David Garcia but only goes to his house to see his girlfriend, Sophie. Officer Sandy Solis discovers that Sam had been alone at the restaurant. Patrick is almost confident that Sam is lying and didn't go on a date with Sophie. The investigation team collects CCTV footage from David Garcia's neighbor. The investigation team has found three more suspects in David's murder, which includes Kelly, Ana, and Amanda. These three suspects were present at the time of David's murder at the crime scene. But none of these suspects have witnessed the murder. Kelly mentions that David was her ex-boyfriend. Ana is Sam's friend who shares a house with her. Ana overheard David talking to Sophie at the time of his murder. Amanda saw Sam walking around after David's murder. But she did not call the police because she stole David's money. Chief states that every suspect has a connection with Sophie during the conversation with Detective Patrick Miranda. So, Sophie is the key to David's murder case, and they need to find her. Patrick and his team go to the crime scene and discover Sophie's dead body on David Garcia's lawn. In the third investigation, Detective Patrick Miranda accuses Sam of killing both David Garcia and Sophie because he is obsessed with Sophie. Sam requests an attorney to defend himself. Due to a lack of evidence, he was set free.

Behind the scenes: Riya Sen, Pawan Kumar (PK), Raz & the Crew

Riya Sen, Pawan Kumar (PK), Raz & the Crew


PRC Production was founded by Director PK (Pawan Kumar) in 2016. Our team is a mix of professional film technicians and amateurs from around the globe.

"I was able to bring together talented professionals and a handful of enthusiastic amateurs in a short amount of time. Despite a bumpy ride, we ended up with a great film, and that's all that matters."
- Pawan Kumar (PK) | Director

"The Highway905 team struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic. Film production was forced to stop for several months, but I couldn't believe how they bounced back and completed the film. This team is hardcore."
- Rajaratnam Baheerathan | Executive Producer

"Talking about the PRC Production, this production house is technically updated, and the atmosphere here is friendly and supportive. And giving opportunity to everyone is the special thing of the PRC Production house, which is very good."
- Swapnil Sargade | VFX and Postproduction

Pawan Kumar (PK) as Sam

Riya Sen & Amit Chouhan as Doctor Vijay


Director Pawan Kumar (PK) and his casting team carefully selected a handful of industry veterans, upcoming talents, and passionate newbies. The casting team had multiple auditions to find the right artist. They were able to secure Riya Sen, David Otunga, Abby Gumper, Jose Eduardo Ramos, Beth Spierer, Kenneth Simmons, and many more.

Riya Sen played the lead role as Sophie. She made her debut as a child artist in the film at the age of five. At 19, she starred in the Indian award-winning director Bharathiraja's film "Taj Mahal" (2000), which was written by director Mani Ratnam and had music composed by the famous Academy Award winner A. R. Rahman. Since 1991, she has appeared in over 65 films and web series.

Riya Sen as Sophie with Raz as David Garcia

Riya Sen as Sophie & Raz as David Garcia

David Otunga played as chief of police. He is an American actor, Harvard graduate (JD), and former professional wrestler best known for his time working with WWE. He was the runner-up in the first season of NXT. He became a two-time WWE Tag Team Champion, having one reign each with fellow Nexus members John Cena and Michael McGillicutty. In 2007, after his niece submitted his audition tape, Otunga was chosen to be a contestant on I Love New York 2 and given the nickname "Punk". David Otunga has since starred in the 2013 thriller film The Call. He made a guest appearance as himself in the 13,110th episode (Season 52, Episode 84) of General Hospital. He has worked on several films and series since 2007.

David Otunga as Chief with Jose Eduardo Ramos as Patrick Miranda

David Otunga as Chief & Jose as Patrick Miranda

Jose Eduardo Ramos played detective Patrick Miranda. He did great work and justified his role as a lead character. He has a lengthy list of filmography. JOSE EDUARDO RAMOS acted in many television series and movies. A handful of feature films are also in production where he takes the lead role. He is the lead character of Jailhouse Therapist, Papito, True Drama (in production), Revolver, Conviction, The Accident, Eminent Domain, Bodies of Work, Recess, Keep the Fire Alive, "Ring Around The...", Down by The Schoolyard and Web of Deceit. Also, he played a supporting role in many movies.

Jose Eduardo Ramos as Patrick Miranda

Jose Eduardo Ramos as Patrick Miranda

Director Pawan Kumar (PK) played an immigrant UBER diver role named Sam Kumar. It is hard to believe that this film is his debut feature film. He played very well. He has directed a bunch of short films. He took the lead role in some of those short films. One of his notable short films gained over 57000 views on YouTube, called "Don't Drink and Drive".

Pawan Kumar (PK) as Sam

Pawan Kumar (PK) as Sam

ABBY GUMPER played the role of Sam's friend and living mate Ana Becker. She started her acting career as a theater artist. She has played lead roles in many movies. Abby also acted in a few television series. Her notable TV series are Quarantine Leap and Public History. Abby is the lead character in Better Off Alone, The Undead, Passion Fruit: Nick’s Story, and The Reality Ring in a Matchbox.

 Abby Gumper as Ana Becker

Abby Gumper as Ana Becker

Beth Spierer played Donna. She is a veteran artist with a long list of film credits. As a seasoned artist, she has nailed her role as Donna. Her notable works are Manifest, A Wilderness of Errors, Law & Order, Ghost, Search Party, Marvin, Tommy, Hightown, portrayed Linda Thompson in Elvis movie, and many more.

Jose Eduardo Ramos as Patrick Miranda and Beth Spierer as Donna

Jose as Patrick Miranda & Beth Spierer as Donna

RAAZ played David Garcia. He performed well in this negative role. AMIT CHOUHAN played Dr.Vijay. KIRANDEEP KAUR played Sophie's sister Kelly. REKHA PRABHAKAR played Sandy Solis.

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Country of origin
- 2023
Running time
- 85 Minutes
- PG-13 | Violence, offensive
- Supense Thriller
Mastered format
- 4K | HDR | 24 FPS
Available in
Aspect ratio
- 2.35:1
- 5.1 Dolby Digital / Stereo
- English


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